Mrs. O'Daniel

Mrs. O'Daniel teaches 1st grade at MCE. She has been a Mustang for four years, and her husband teaches at Maize Career Academy. Throughout her life, she has been called JB and Red by friends and family.  In her free time, she enjoys taking walks with her son and her dog at various parks. She loves to organize. And she also enjoys trying out new coffee/drink spots. She is amazingly good at Scrabble, and likes to annoy her husband by turning a 4-letter word into 45 points! One of her biggest pet peeves is when people constantly sniffle or clear their throats (aka as misophonia: hatred of repetitive sounds), but the one thing that can instantly make her day better is a hug. Literally a hug from anyone for no reason at all! And that is why she has only taught K-1! Lol

So next time you see Mrs. O'Daniel in the hall, be sure to give her a big hug!

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Mrs. Stadler

Mrs. Stadler is one of our speech therapists here at MCE.  She has been a Mustang for 17 years! Known to many as Nanny, she enjoys taking walks and loves home decorating. She also loves spending time with animals and family, and enjoys cooking and entertaining. 


Some fun facts about Mrs. Stadler:

When she was in school, she had two years in a row with perfect attendance.

If she could get rid of one month out of the year, it would be August. It is just too hot and there is an overload of things to do when it comes to starting a new school year.

If Mrs. Stadler could spend one day with any celebrity, it would be Sam Heughan, and she would have him show her around Scotland, of course!

We have all received a gift we didn't want, but the worst gift Mrs. Stadler has received, (that she had to keep!), was a statue of a Chihuahua.   

But the one thing that can instantly make her day better is seeing her kids at MCE!

Be sure to say hi next time you see Mrs. Stadler in the hall.

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