MCE PTO spirit nights are a great way for your family to enjoy an evening together and help raise money for our school. We partner with businesses in the community who are willing to donate a portion of their sales from our spirit nights and give it right back to our school!   Be sure to support these businesses and show

them how much we appreciate them!

Current Scheduled Spirit Nights
(with more to come)

September 14th  Carousel Skate

September 28th  Chick-fil-A

November 9th  Chipotle

December 9th  Chick-fil-A

December 14th  Carousel Skate

February  Bingo Night (Date TBD)

March 1  Carousel Skate

May 10th  Carousel Skate

More events to come!

Text MCE to 40691 to receive text alerts and reminders of upcoming events!